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Vinny’s Takeaway kicks a goal with Schnitzel Snack Pack!

When it comes to cornerstones of takeaway perfection, there are few items that have reached the zenith of gastronomic iconography as the halal snack pack (or HSP).

Macquarie Dictionary’s people’s choice word of the year in 2016, the HSP is an Australian invention and a fast-food giant in this country, having been a thing for pretty much as long as there have been kebab shops.

And when you’ve got a dish that is essentially a box of chips with doner kebab meat, cheese, and sauce it’s not hard to see why.

Well, ‘old school’ takeaway Vinnie’s is now serving up its own spin on the HSP, replacing the staple kebab meat with another fave Aussie hunger buster – the chicken schnitzel.

Yep, that’s right! The Schnitzel Snack Pack is totally a thing and we’re definitely here for it.

While there are other eateries in this neck of the woods that are known to serve up their own version (Harry’s Schnitzel Joint for example) the Vinnie’s iteration, a recent addition to their menu, was this writer’s first foray into this heady world after happily stumbling across to over the weekend.

Like the HSP, it is in the simplicity where the genius of this dish truly shines.

A fresh hand-cut chips form a golden brown bed on which a hefty portion of crispy crumbed schnitzel lay.

Adsd to that diced bacon, grated cheese and your choice of sauce, (for my first taste I went with the sweet chilli and sour cream) and you’ve got yourself a styrofoam box of edible comfort.

MMMMM, comfort.

And the best thing? This item is a regular fixture on the Vinnie’s menu, so you can enjoy this one to your heart’s content.

Vinny’s Takeaway is located at 41 Georgetown Rd, Georgetown. Head here for more information.

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