You can submit your gig or event to our guide free of charge, and it will be published within 7 business days, pending content approval.

How do I register a gig or event?

Gig Guide and Event calendar submissions are made via a Facebook event URL.

You can find the submission form above.

Using Facebook as a reference we are able to provide our community with more information about your gig or event. This reference will allow us to publish all the information about your event including the date, address and description.

What information will be published?

The information we reference to publish your event on our website is data you’ve made publicly available when setting up your Facebook event.

From this reference, we will publish the following information on

The name of your Facebook event
The date of your Facebook event
The location name and address of your event
The Start & End times of your event
The Facebook event information

What if I don’t want to set up a Facebook event?

Facebook’s new event system and mobile apps make it a great place to promote your gigs and events, even to a small audience. We believe this system is best for both our community and gig and event hosts.

If you have a one-off event that you do not wish to register a Facebook event for, please email us at We will assess each request individually.

When will my event be published?

Your gig or event will be published on Newcastle Live within 7 days of it being submitted. If you have any further questions, please email

Why hasn’t my event been published?

Newcastle Live retains the right to refuse publication of any event. If you have any questions, please email