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SATISFRIED? Red Rooster to trial FRIED CHICKEN in Newcastle

If there’s one thing that we know here at Newcastle Live it’s that us Novocastrians love our fried chicken.

And now, this truism of Newcastle culture has been recognised by chicken purveyor Red Rooster who are set to unleash their version onto the eager palates of Novo chook fans.

In a fervent nod to this city’s love for fried chicken, the chain will be trailing the new menu item at five local outlets – Waratah, Thornton Glendale, Kurri Kurri, and Newcastle Airport from Wednesday 26 February, with four Central Coast locations also getting a look in.

This isn’t just a case of Red Rooster just chucking a couple of chooks in a deep fryer either. Apparently, the culinary boffins at Rooster HQ have scoured the world’s most successful and innovative chook shops for mouth-watering inspo.

Picture: Andrew Murray/The Photo Pitch

They did a lot of R and D into the new menu addition with a strong emphasis on innovation, taste and crunch – all of the major fried chicken boxes!

The end result is fresh chicken, hand brined in store for no less than 12 hours before being hand-battered in a bespoke crunchy coating and then apparently cooked to perfection with a golden crunchy coating enveloping some juicy chook.

So if fried chicken is your bag, what are you waiting for?

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