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NEW TUNES: Natalie Henry drops highly personal single More Than A Woman

Hot on the heels of her sassy, ’70s country-esque single Weed, Wine, and Women, Newcastle’s Natalie Henry is back with a cracking and personal single with More Than A Woman.

The track, another glistening classic country torch song,explores difficult questions about identity and expectations.

Drawn from Natalie’s own experiences with leaving her long time nuclear-family bubble to pursue her truth, coming out as a gay woman in her late 30’s.

The clip for More Than A Woman drops at 5pm on Friday 30 July

More Than A Woman is gonna’ open me up and expose me, like bein’ left naked in a hall of mirrors,” Natalie recently write about the track on Facebook.

“Now, sometimes in life you’re gonna’ have thoughts and feelings that you’d never dare tell another – they leave you feelin’ confused, maybe like a sin, maybe like a curse. And hell, we’re all walkin’ around projectin’ what fits and conforms but how often are we sharin’ the shadows? What would you give to know you’re not alone?

“More Than A Woman is a story many women in my particular stylin’ of boots experience but bury deep.”

There’s no doubt that Natalie is one songwriter not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and explore themes not normally associated with the Oz country framework.

The gorgeous track, produced by accomplished country music heavyweight Catherine Britt, as well as ARIA-charting producer Michael Muchow, is the final single from Natalie’s soon-to-be-released sophomore album due this September on Catherine’sBeverley Hillbilly Records.

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