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Doughheads goes loco in lockdown with NUTTY doughnut trio!

Has all of this lockdown business left you feeling a little nutty? Does the thought of adding French Fries to your sugar-laden snacks make you salivate in anticipation?

Well, you’re in luck, because Doughheads are pulling out all the stops for their latest fortnightly doughie special, offering up a trio of treats collectively dubbed Going Nuts In Lockdown.

And let’s face it, the last 12 months or so have left us all feeling a bit nuts so these sweet treats could be the perfect pandemic panacea.

If you’ve ever found yourself scouring your pantry for a late-night snack, you’re going to be all about the Pantry Hunter – a symphony of nuttiness that combines a salted caramel and creme patissiere filling, salted caramel icing, granulated peanuts, buttercream, dark chocolate and pretzels.

We’ve all been there. It’s the end of a long day, dinner rolls around and the thought of slaving over a hot stove sounds like absolute torture. But that box of Coco Pops is looking pretty good, right?

That exact scenario has been recreated in doughnut form with Cereal For Dinner– a whimsical-yet-simple creation that combines cereal milk icing and gluten-free cocoa crunch cereal. Honestly, they had us at cereal milk icing.

Are you put off by the fact that doughnuts contain a startling lack of chips? Well, either you’re a potential seagull or the yin and yang of sugar and salt make your heart and palate sing.

Either way, the Vegan Couch Potato’s unlikely pairing of butterscotch icing, mixed salted nuts and French Fries, yes, French Fries, is sure to satisfy those sweet and salty cravings.

This crop of guest stars is available to order for delivery or pickup until Sunday 8 August.

Doughheads is located at  Shop 17, 200 Union Street.

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