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LISTEN UP: Write an anthem for Aussie jobseekers and score $10,000!

Does your music have that inspirational anthemic quality? Do issues like the plight of people living below the poverty line make you want to pick up the guitar? Well, Listen Up Music wants to hear from you.

The mental health music charity has teamed up with South Australia-based philanthropists The Wyatt Trust to find an anthem that will be a rallying cry for ‘fairness, respect, and an increase to the Jobseeker Payment.

The JobSeeker Anthem Song Contest kicked off on Tuesday and the writer or writers of the winning tune will nab themselves $10,000 cash and a full day of recording.

The one-off song competition is a response to increasing community outrage that people on JobSeeker Payment, and similar income support payments, are being forced to live below the poverty line. 

A payment of $44 a day, for example, can result in people having to choose between things like providing food for their family or paying an electricity bill.

‘Music is a universal language,” Listen Up Music CEO and co-founder Ali Taylor said.

“We know that people experiencing different forms of adversity find not only solace but voice and community through song. This competition expands our reach from those passionate about positive mental health to a larger group whose financial hardship has far-reaching health and wellbeing impacts.”

The Wyatt Trust CEO Stacey Thomas added that while a recent increase in income support rates was welcome, more needs to be done.

‘There was widespread support for a raise in income support rates but the resulting $4 per day earlier this year did little to change things for people living in poverty,” Stacey said.

“We need to continue to give voice to those on JobSeeker and having an anthem that speaks to the dilemmas they face is a new way of doing this.”

Entries for The JobSeeker Anthem Song Contest are open until Sunday 5 September 2021. Head here to lodge your track.

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