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HOWS THE SERENITY? Top five things to do now school has gone back

Can I get a “hell yeah” from every single parent in the room, please?

Yes, yes we can because the summer holidays are finally over and you can go back to caring about yourself and your own precious time. How wonderful is that?

Since you’re swimming in time, why not look at these five things to do now School Hols are ov-ah.

1. Go to the movies 

Is there a better way to celebrate the return of school for another year than going to the movies and actually being able to hear the movie? No longer do you have to worry about noisy teens chatting to each other or FaceTiming friends during pivotal scenes.

What a treat!

2. Go to the beach

Surely this is a pretty obvious one!

The sand will once again be free and clear and you can hear yourself think whilst you enjoy your blessed day off.

It will be deciding where to go not when that will be the challenge. Just the way us and our childless selves like it! 

3. Stroll along Darby Street

This is a big (albeit unexpected one). I don’t know about you but I kind of hate waiting for tables and such and now it’s quieter, we can bliss out with our cup-a-joe in peace.

You can even café hop, well now that the kids are back in the classroom you’ve got all the time in the world to simply be. Amirite?!

4. Shop like a kween

Locally of course but mainly at Harris Farm.

I swear kids just started hanging out at Harris Farm like it was the coolest hippest place on earth.

Like I get it whatever but that’s where I like to hang out because it really is the coolest hippest place on earth but I like to hang out there in peace. 

5. Literally any body of water

It’s not just the beach friends, Any body of water becomes a little crowded (or overrun) by teens and tweens. Hey everyone else… it’s our time now!

Let’s do dis and soak up some sun and enjoy the rest of summer like nobody’s business! 

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