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VAXXED TO THE PUB: A free beer for the double jabbed

The brewers of Geelong’s favourite Refreshing Ale, Furphy want to shout you a beer when pubs open back up. The only catch – You’ve got to be double vaxxed.

Vaxxed to the Pub is another national initiative that aims to encourage us all to get fully vaccinated but this time the carrot is a free beer when your local throws open its doors when the lockdown ends.

Protection against Covid and a beer to wash it down with – We think that’s a bit of a double win!

So if you get registered, and vaccinated, in time you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet sweet taste that only a free beer brings the day the pub opens back up in your area.


Head to the Furphy website and fill out the registration form.

After you’ve registered you’ll get a message to let you know how you can get your hands on your Furphy.