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Top tips for keeping your doggo safe when out and about

Last week, we wrote a piece about responsible dog ownership in Newcastle, especially in relation to a very special pooch named Patsy.

The response has been amazing and restored our faith in the community after a particularly horrific incident. Which is exactly why we wanted to write a follow up piece about the responsibility of dog ownership and our top three take away tips for the next time you go to the dog park.

1. Know your dog

Dogs aren’t perfect, we all know this, they are animals after all but you know how your dog reacts around other dogs. You know how your dog responds to you and how likely they are to play well with others. If you don’t feel 100% confident with having your dog off-lead around other dogs, or small children for that matter, maybe don’t.

A muzzle can also be a creative solution because as we all know, exercise is super duper important for any doggo and it might be a great first step in socialising your dog.

2. Get to know the dogs and dog owners in your neighbourhood

This is a pretty important one. Dog ownership really is a community affair after all especially when dog parks and off-leash areas are concerned. You can stick together, socialise together, and help each other out when it comes to dog safety. If a rogue dog happens to wander on the scene you have more people to help you and the furry love of your life out if/when you need it.

3. Be watchful, be mindful and enjoy your time at the dog park

Watch out for your dog, and other dogs and most importantly, have fun! Hanging out with your four-legged friend sounds like a dream of an afternoon.

Dogs are part of our family. I mean the term “fur-baby” was coined for a reason, am I right? But as easy as it is to just sit back and watch your dog do its thing, be responsible for your dog’s actions.

Not to pit one size against the other but look out for the little guy! The bigger dogs really do have size on their side and although our tiny four legged friends have personalities bigger than an apartment block, they might need some extra help now and then.