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Tragedy sparks plea for info and responsible dog ownership

A horrifying story surfaced recently and honestly, as both a dog lover and dog owner, it’s a really tough one to talk about and write about.

But that’s exactly why I have to both talk and write about it.

All of the facts of the incident I’m about to talk about come from the Newcastle Echo Facebook group and if you have any info, please head to the page and alert the admins.

Last Thursday at Islington dog park, a dog named Patsy was viciously attacked, mauled, and later died as a result of her injuries. This in itself is devastating, to say the least, and my heart really goes out to Patsy’s owner and family and dog lovers alike.

Especially because this is a tragedy that should never have happened. Responsible dog ownership is so incredibly important especially if you’re going to take your dog to an of leash area and I hope it’s obvious that I’m not talking about Patsy or Patsy’s owner.

See, the dog who attacked Patsy has faced no retribution and more importantly, neither has the dog’s owner. No details were exchanged, no follow up made, no outward pouring of grief or compassion.

Just Patsy’s owner trying to work out how something so horrific could happen in a place that was means to be a safe space for all involved.

Sure, I can understand that there are risks involved with taking your dog to a dog park. Dogs are animals after all and they run on instinct.

That’s what distinguishes animals from humans. As humans, we have a responsibility to care for our animals, and to know, understand and also be responsible for their behaviour.

At the time of writing, the owner of the dog is yet to come forward. The owner of the dog is yet to offer condolences or legally offer to pay for Patsy’s vet bills.

Nothing has been done, nothing has been said and what I want to know is why? Also, what will happen the next time said dog goes to the dog park?

If you have any information, or are able to shed any light on the owner of the dog in question please get in touch with the appropriate authorities.