Ziggy Alberts talks world tours, coastlines and independent artists

Ziggy Alberts – Saturday, 5 January with Nathan Ball at The Cambridge

In celebration of the new album Laps Around The Sun, Ziggy Alberts is embarking on his Laps Around The Sun World Tour. He’ll be in Newcastle in January 2019. We caught up for a chat. 

1) You’ve done so much travelling around the country. What have you learnt about Australia that you didn’t know before?

That Australia is incredible, beautiful and diverse in its natural state. Growing up here, you know it’s a beautiful country, but driving so much of our coastlines and inland areas has made me appreciate it even more.

2) How does the environment (especially the ocean) influence your music?

I grew up by the ocean and that gave me a really early connection to helping understand why it’s important to have a healthy planet. My songwriting is driven hugely by the adventures I’ve had over the years, and how important it is to have these wild areas for both our physical and emotional health.

3) Tell us about this photo

Nice choice! This was taken on one of the last days of sailing near Oslo, Norway. I sailed from Trondheim to Oslo, about 800 nautical miles, with my girlfriend around July/August this year. I’d never sailed before so it was a steep learning curve, but it was a super beautiful trip.

4) You played to a full tent at Bluesfest this year when Seal was on another stage. How was that?

I love it! It shows you the importance of diversity in music; Bluesfest is really cool like that, there is something for everyone. To play a packed out tent alongside artists like Seal was really cool. But what was cooler was how awesome the audience was, it was an insane crowd!

5) If you could give one piece of advice to local independent artists, what would it be?

Do what’s right for you. Everyone will tell you what you’ve got to do to be successful and you – literally – could have an even better idea on how to achieve independent success than I have. I decided to start my own independent record label Commonfolk Records with my management team this year, and that’s really exciting. I’m looking forward to this world tour!

Written by Newcastle Live

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