WE ASKED, YOU ANSWERED: Celebrating locals doing amazing things on IWD

For the last few weeks, we’ve been asking you to nominate women in our community who deserve a shout-out.

We wanted to hear about women doing amazing things, living their best lives or just kicking arse and taking numbers.

Below you’ll find a selection of some of the nominations.

Piper Butcher


Piper is a hard-working, self-employed woman striving to forge her way in the music industry. Not only does she curate original music, live shows, festivals & touring schedules, but she also teaches a host of students whilst juggling all the roles that come with being an independent artist.

Shaquira Hobbs


For her massive contributions to music photography and her passion for empowering and training other female photographers.

Kate Maslen


For creating equality and accessibility to everyone. Starting in Newcastle… then the globe.

Jacquie Stokes


Jacquie has dedicated so much of her time and resources to provide the community with an awesome way to connect socially, whilst embracing the wonderfully fun, exciting, and imaginative world of Lego. She’s a single mum and businesswoman and has supported the community in a variety of ways. Her Lego Club, Stokes Brickbuilders, invites a safe and competitive environment for community members of all ages to enjoy themselves. Jacquie also provides and pays for the Lego, sets up, and runs the sessions herself. What better way to unite the community than by offering a super fun and inclusive pastime enjoyed by all. Jacquie is a beautiful member of this community and deserves to be recognised for all of her hard work and dedication, to Lego, and to the people around her.

Naomi Jones


Naomi has been a vibrant and integral part of the Newcastle music scene, bringing her passion for music and community together. Her lively presence and dedication to promoting local talent have enriched the cultural landscape of the city. In addition to her musical contributions, Naomi is known for her kindness and generosity, always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Most recently, she co-organized the inaugural Carrington Folk Festival, which was a resounding success, selling out and showcasing the talents of local musicians. Naomi’s commitment to fostering a sense of community through music and her genuine spirit make her a beloved figure in Newcastle.

Heather Price


A music teacher who has guided students young and old through tuition in singing, bass and piano. She is a stalwart member of her community and a woman who has had a large impact on her students — without her, I would never have been accepted to and then graduated with my Bachelor of Music degree.

Jody Miller


She is the City Of Newcastle Drama Association’s President and runs a local theatre company called Chookas Entertainment. She does A LOT of volunteer hours for our local theatre industry, helping performers and creatives alike.

Jaslyn Arens


Jaslyn is an amazing young woman who gives so much time and energy to others. After being named Maitland Show Young Women of the Year in 2022, she has continued to be involved with the community – promoting the show and supporting and mentoring other young women who want to get involved. She recently volunteered at the Maitland Show running the Amateur Photography competition and dedicating countless hours to taking photos and contributing to the success of the event. She is also on the board, at only 24, and represents Agricultural Societies of NSW Next Gen – travelling (often to rural areas) to events. She is a strong advocate for MADA (Maitland Against Domestic Abuse) – assisting with their upcoming International Women’s Day dinner. She did the Youth Anzac Day address in Maitland in 2023 – wearing her grandfather’s medals along with other amazing achievements- all while starting a new career and getting married in the last 12 months! She is an inspiration – always there for her community as well as Family and Friends.