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Your guide surviving Hunter Valley Vineyard concert season

With February almost half-way over (yah I know right) this can only mean one thing. And no I’m not talking about your half-baked new year’s resolutions here, I’m talking about Vineyard concert season.

The air is getting a little crisper, our wallets (finally) a little fatter and we’re ready to party like it’s 1999. But for those who have been to a concert at in the Valley (I myself saw Dolly Parton many moons ago and it was epic, obviously) you know that it takes some prep, and planning.

Careful prep and planning actually and here are our top 5 tips.

Wine tolerance

Having extended sip sips on wine isn’t the same as slamming some tinnies on the weekend with your frands. Wine is fickle. It does things to you, something unexplainable, something downright treacherous and like any elite sporting event, takes some training. Head down to your local bottlo, (I suggest Rowies on Hunter Street as they have a great selection) and get sipping. Sip, swirl, indulge, and work up your tolerance. The last thing you want to happen when you finally walk through the gates to the promised land is for you to be vomiting somewhere after your first bottle. Any less than three is just embarrassing.


You might think that you can drive, or single out a designated driver if you’re not engaging in a sip sip or 7 \but don’t be fooled. It might sound easier and it also might make sense at the time but trust me, this is a giant mistake. Book a place and make a weekend of it. Why not enjoy the valley? Let’s be honest how many times a year are you really going to trek out there? There are so many cute Air BnBs, and Stayz rentals as well as the standard staple Hunter Valley accommodation. You’ll thank yourself later, trust me.


Along with accommodation, this one should be right up there on your list. No one should be driving after a concert in a winery. It’s a winery people! There are so many different concert transport services available that will take you back to your (pre-planned and pre-organised) accommodation. You can thank us later.

Know who you’re seeing

A concert at the Hunter Valley (as you’ve seen from the above) takes some commitment and if you don’t like the band or artist things can get a little well… annoying. Do some research people and actually commit to the experience. Either that or you should just refer to step one and drown your sorrows in the Hunter Valley’s finest.

Don’t be a twat

I don’t really know how to prepare for this one, except for looking in the mirror and saying “don’t be a twat”. Unfortunately, the Hunter Valley is pretty notorious for (baby boomers) losing their biscuits and behaving irresponsibly. Yes, that’s right. The yelling, the slurring, (they obviously didn’t pay attention to step one) and just being a downright menace. Try not to do this. In fact, just do not do this, become a menace that is. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Written by Newcastle Live

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