Witty comedy ‘Jack of Hearts’ comes to Civic Theatre

‘Jack of Hearts’ is the brand new play from Australia’s master of social comedy, David Williamson, and it’s headed for Newcastle’s Civic Theatre for two shows on Saturday 16 April.

Jack (Chris Taylor) adores his wife Emma (Paige Gardiner), and when she walks out on him for the older, more successful and arrogant Carl (Peter Mochrie) right after his career as a lawyer has crashed and burned, he’s devastated. His school friend Stu (Craig Reucassel), now a highly successful businessman and married to the glamorous Denys (Brooke Satchwell), exacerbates the problem by expressing contempt rather than sympathy at his failure.

The only job he can find is to deliver luggage on an upmarket island glamour resort. When his ex-wife and her new partner, and Stu and his new mistress arrive at the island to find him there, Jack suddenly finds the old adage “Revenge is sweet” isn’t too far off the mark. Lives and loves are ultimately sorted out, but not before our characters have experienced passion, anger, love and laughter in this humane and wry comedy about loss and resilience.

Having spent many years enjoying laughing out loud to The Chaser’s War on Everything, CNNNN and The Chaser’s Media Circus on ABC-TV, playwright/director David Williamson made a bold choice in asking journalists/writers/comedians Chris Taylor and Craig Reucassel to play two of the lead roles in his latest comedy Jack of Hearts.

Both say they were shocked, flattered, thrilled and terrified at the prospect.

Chris Taylor said, “I play a bit of a loser. Jack was once this brilliant student who came in dux of his school and got a great job at a top law firm but he can’t hack the pressure so he quits his job and is then deeply and unattractively unemployed for a long period of time which starts to irritate his wife and all his friends. I got quite self-conscious when David Williamson said ‘Chris, you are perfect for this role’, it’s like, when he thinks loser, he thinks Chris Taylor, which I thought was revealing. It’s a delight and a surprise to be asked by the great David Williamson to be part of his latest play for the Ensemble.”

Craig Reucassel said, “I get to play a sleazy Sydney real estate agent, which is quite topical and timely, he’s a fairly unlikable character, an enjoyable rogue. It’s my first play anywhere apart from my wonderful performance as the Drummer Boy in year 1. I’m really looking forward to doing a David Williamson play and hopefully, by the end I’ll remember my lines! When David asked me to do the play, naturally I thought he’d lost his marbles and got a wrong number, but I was very thrilled. ”

Jack of Hearts comes to Newcastle with the original cast following its highly successful premiere run at Ensemble Theatre in Sydney from January to early April.


What: Jack Of Hearts

Where: Civic Theatre Newcastle

When: Saturday 16 April, 2pm & 7:30pm


Written by Newcastle Live

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