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Streetscapes and public spaces lead Wickham’s urban renewal

City of Newcastle councillors have given the nod to a comprehensive Public Domain Plan for Wickham which includes high-quality streetscapes and public spaces.

The planning framework outlines a strategic vision for the revitalisation of streetscapes and public spaces aiming to elevate the overall amenity and safety of the area.

It’s a plan that will see the revitalisation of the historic Bullock Island Rail Corridor and improved access and connections to Wickham Park and the waterfront.

“This is good news for residents and the community of Wickham including local community group Great Lifestyle of Wickham, who have advocated for and actively taken part in engagement activities for the precinct’s urban renewal,” Deputy Lord Mayor Declan Clausen said

“Following a public exhibition period in February, the community helped inform key features of the final PDP, which over the long term will deliver greater road and pedestrian links within Wickham and to adjoining areas, improved cycleways, and increased investment in community infrastructure to support the growing local population.”

The aim of the plan is to foster a sense of community while also providing more opportunities for public art installations that celebrate both Aboriginal and European heritage.

As the urban renewal unfolds, Wickham residents can look forward to a transformed environment that not only prioritizes aesthetics and safety but also pays homage to the rich cultural history of the area. Visit for more information.