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Why Clare Bowditch is our kind of girl

Pictures: Jessica Ross Photography

A long, long time ago. Way back in early March, when the most likely coronavirus related threat Novocastrians were facing was a toilet paper shortage, I was fortunate enough to host an International Women’s Day event for the founders of HerCastle

The event, An Afternoon with Clare Bowditch, was a sell-out and was held in the beautiful Newcastle CBD venue, Babylon. 

You can almost imagine it, can’t you? 200 people sharing space, sipping champagne, singing, some even hugging complete strangers.

As expected, Clare was glorious.

The singer, songwriter, actor, mother and now prize-winning author was articulate, thoughtful, generous and totally gorgeous. And her singing voice – like warm caramel melting an ice cream sundae with its golden richness. 

It is with all of this in mind, particularly if you are looking for a recommendation for your must-read list, that I suggest Clare’s brilliant book, Your Own Kind of Girl.

Your Own Kind of Girl is a memoir, but not of rock n roll and making it in music. Rather, it’s about “the stories we tell ourselves and what happens when we believe them”.

This is a book that has just about everything – lust, love, truth, hurt, grief, grit and resilience. 

Through the page, Clare is brutally honest, incredibly funny and ultimately, powerfully inspiring. I cannot recommend reading this book enough – particularly at a time like this.

Your Own Kind of Girl is published by Allen & Unwin Australia and local favourites MacLean’s Booksellers, Secret Book Stuff and Abicus have had it in stock.

Oh, we hear that the Audible version is pretty awesome, too.

Ba dum tss!