Who is Todd Dazzler?

Todd Dazzler is a man on a mission. After a successful early career as a champion beanbag stuffer, Todd’s focus shifted to helping people of all ages and backgrounds share their stories and develop better relationships. Todd will be speaking in Newcastle on August 18 as part of his TODD TALKS series. We chatted to the man himself ahead of the big event.

Talk us through a training regime for a champion beanbag stuffer.

TODD: My champion beanbag stuffing days are long gone, but at my peak I was very much inspired by the ‘Rocky’ movies. So it was up at sparrow’s fart, four raw eggs washed down with a glass of milk and off to Uncle Donny Dazzler’s Beanbag World for another hard day’s work. I really just kept fit on the job, and my successes came from there.

Why should people head along to your Todd Talks event at Watt Street this month?

TODD: Because I will be telling my story in full and showing everyone there how to make much better personal connections through the age old art of storytelling. That’s why I’m calling the event ‘How to win friends and dazzle people’. And I guarantee people will find the whole experience incredibly useful and fun. 

How can someone benefit from setting personal goals?

TODD: If you don’t have goals you don’t have direction. It’s like going on a trip without a map. Chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time just driving around aimlessly. Personal goals work like a magnet, and help draw you towards your dreams. 

What’s your number 1 tip for Goal Setting?

TODD: Set lots of personal and professional goals. Make them big and colourful and revisit them often. You’ll be amazed just how much more exciting your future will look.

How do you think the art of story telling has changed in the digital era? 

TODD: I recon there have been good and bad things about the way the digital era has affected storytelling and the connections we make with people these days. The good part is the different ways available to get our stories out to a broader audience. Video is a great example. My main concern though is we’ve moved away from the thing we’ve always been hardwired to do, and that is to stay personally connected with our fellow human beings.

Your “handler” Garth Russell is a well known Novocastrian. Can you tell us something about him that may not be public knowledge?

TODD: Apart from his love of cross dressing there’s not a lot to tell.

You can find out more about Todd and the TODD TALKS event later this month by visiting his website.

WHO: Todd Dazzler
WHEN: August 18
WHERE: Watt Street Arc

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