WHITE MAGAZINE: Love is the word

Every so often I read a news story which makes me singlehandedly lose faith in the world we live in. It’s actually pretty ironic me using the word faith here because apparently, the issue I’m about to address is apparently, all about faith.

A few months ago, local publication (actually now ex-publication), White Magazine, found themselves at the centre of a huge controversy. Words were whispered, advertisers spoke up and out, a community was outraged but those at White Magazine chose to do… nothing. Yep, nothing. They made no comment, made no sound, published no words, and as I said, did nothing. They sat silently in the background hoping the whole thing, and the 2018 world we live in, would just fly by and they could go back to freely (and apparently discreetly) discriminating against an entire community.

Also if you want to get the low down on the story read the follow-up news story here on the ABC. If I were you I’d steer clear of The Australian news article. But I’m sure most of you know that already.

Before I go any further though, I will say one thing. The issue I have, and the issue the rest of the LGBTQIA+ community have, isn’t with their refusal to include or publish same-sex couples, it was and still is, their refusal to openly admit that White Magazine does not wish to publish anything featuring same-sex couples. That and they are also openly against same-sex marriage.

Their statement and perfectly choreographed video (it’s definitely not an apology video that’s for sure) on their Facebook page include some of the following statements.

“We have no agenda but love”

“Celebrating love and relationships – rather than selling products – has always been White’s message”

“It’s just come to a point where there’s just clash against us… hurting people isn’t something that we want to do when all we’re fighting for is love”.

“…There was always something that stopped us because didn’t just didn’t want to enter into that conversation that wasn’t a loving conversation

“Why can’t we have diversity in our thoughts and feelings, and without those things we’re not progressing”.

As you can see, everything they said in their video and in their statement is just a little bit confusing. What they’re trying to say is “look we’re all about love sure but we just ain’t down with all types of love. It’s yucky and bad for our aesthetic. It’s not personal, it’s a God thing ya know? Oh and our advertisers stitched us up and stopped giving us money so we can’t publish anything anymore. Soz bout it. Oh, and can everyone stop being a little bit mean to us because we’re being discriminated against here”.

Sorry, wot? Sure, I ad-libbed a hell of a lot (soz for saying hell) but you read the article and you tell me what you think is happening here. Because there certainly wasn’t an apology, and to be honest, White Magazine is clearly not something that being in 2018.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.