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WHAT’S ON LAKE MAC: Your guide to April in Lake Macquarie

We’re back with another month of What’s on Lake Mac!

Live Music Lake Mac kicks off the month with Hot Potato Band at Rathmines Theatre, Whale Chorus will embark on a whimsical journey down the rabbit hole with Alice and the enchanting melodies of the Lake Macquarie Philharmonic Orchestra will fill the Multi-Arts Pavilion, mima, later in the month.

For all the details, and some info about the upcoming Float Your Boat event, check out the guide below.

Live Music Lake Mac presents Hot Potato Band

Live Music Lake Mac is back with a bang in April with the Hot Potato Band! With a fusion of funk, ska, rock, and brass, this dynamic ensemble continually delivers electrifying performances. From trumpets to trombones, saxophones to drums, and even a sousaphone, their eclectic mix of instruments guarantees a night of pure musical bliss.

WHEN: Friday 19 April
WHERE: Rathmines Theatre, nawayiba

Whale Chorus presents Alice

Alice is an interactive theatre workshop presented by Whale Chorus. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this immersive experience invites participants to journey down the rabbit hole and explore the whimsical realm of Wonderland like never before. From curious encounters with the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat to tea parties with the Queen of Hearts, participants will embark on a magical adventure filled with interactive storytelling, imaginative play, and creative exploration. With its fusion of theatre, music, and interactive elements, Alice offers a unique opportunity for audiences to step into the pages of a beloved tale and unleash their imagination in a way that’s both entertaining and enriching.

WHEN: Friday 19 April
WHERE: Multi-Arts Pavilion, mima

Orchestral Pops with the Lake Macquarie Philharmonic

WHEN: Sunday 28 April
WHERE: Multi-Arts Pavilion, mima

Prepare to be swept away to an aural dreamland by the Orchestral Pops with Lake Macquarie Philharmonic. Led by the talented musicians of the Lake Macquarie Philharmonic Orchestra, this captivating performance will showcase a diverse repertoire of popular orchestral pieces, ranging from classical masterpieces to contemporary favourites. From the stirring crescendos of symphonies to the enchanting melodies of film scores, the orchestra’s dynamic interpretation and virtuoso performances are sure to leave listeners spellbound. With its fusion of timeless classics and modern hits, this will be one concert not to be missed.



It’s time to showcase your creativity and maritime spirit as part of Lake Mac’s annual Float Your Boat extravaganza. Lake Macquarie City Council are now inviting boat owners of all ages to participate in a spectacular display of illuminated vessels across the lake in June, with a range of prizes to be won!

Transform your boat into a floating masterpiece and join in the fun-filled procession along the stunning shores of Lake Macquarie. From dazzling light displays to themed decorations, let your imagination run wild as you light up the night and become part of this beloved community tradition.

JUNE 21+22


For more information about online events and resources Lake Macquarie City Council have available please visit