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WANT FRIES WITH THAT? Fast food chains we’d love to see in Newy now Taco Bell is on its way

So Newy is getting a Taco Bell. This is the biggest news to come to town since the word news was invented.

It’s a big deal.

A massive deal, the most amazing deal in all the land (can you see we love tacos).

Since we’re getting one fan-bloodytastic American food chain, it got us thinking… what else would we like to see grace Newy and beyond? *Disclaimer* – enjoy junk food responsibly. Duh.

1. Shake Shack

Anyone who’s been to New York, knows what we mean. Shack Shack is literally heaven on earth. r

Simple yet delicious burgers, shakes to die for, and crinkle-cut fries that will remind you why carbs are the greatest thing on earth.

McDonald’s = basic, Shake Shack = forever.

2. Dennys

Cheap wings, penny-pinching meal deals and buckets of soda (soft drink whatever) sounds like a win to me.

I mean… you can get a full breakfast for $5.99. Five flipping 99 everybody. Surely there’s a place for Dennys amongst our neighbourhood?


Did someone say pancakes?

Well, we all could if there happened to be an IHOP down the road right? Just like Dennys, you can grab a full breakfast for pocket change, one which usually includes unlimited coffee.

Need we say more?

4. Bubba Gump

Yas kween we are so here for shrimp!

This menu is wild to say the least and the whole god damn place is a cultural icon. A Bubba Gump would go over so well in our delicious little town and not just because of the coastal setting. Great food, great fun, great party. As they say. 

5. Dunkin Donuts

Surely this one doesn’t even need an explanation because well, donuts… duh.

Although if we had to be picky we would probably opt for Portland’s own Voodoo Donuts. Beggars can’t be choosers though, right? 

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.