Last tram leaving Wallsend terminus for the depot in 1949, from Newcastle Libraries Collection.
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PARTY TIME: Wallsend to celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2024

Wallsend is gearing up to mark its 150th anniversary in 2024 and plans are underway to make the celebration a grand affair.

The event is set to light up the town with a program packed full of family-friendly activities, cultural performances, storytelling sessions, and plenty of party atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the event is the creation of a legacy time capsule, which will be developed in collaboration with the community Which will serve as a treasure trove of memories, capturing the essence of Wallsend’s past and present for generations to come.

“Our 150th celebration will be the hallmark event of the year for Wallsend, with rides, music, cultural activities and the opportunity for people to immerse themselves in the suburb’s history,” Ward Four Councillor Elizabeth Adamczyk said.

“City of Newcastle will engage with the community including traditional custodians, schools, businesses and the historical society to deliver an event that celebrates what Wallsend was, its present community and leave a legacy through public art and a time capsule for future generations.”

“We know the broader community loved the Wallsend Winter Fair delivered through the former business association and while that event has stalled post-COVID-19, the 150th celebration will be an opportunity to bring thousands of visitors back to our beautiful town centre.”

The celebration is set to take place on Saturday, 17 August 2024. A full program of events is set to be delivered in consultation with the local community soon.