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VIBE DINING: What you can expect from Honeysuckle SOCIAL

They opened their freshly painted doors back in February and were a welcome addition to the Newcastle food and drink scene. And then, coronavirus…

So, if you were planning a visit but didn’t get the chance – now is your time. Honeysuckle SOCIAL is re-opening this Thursday, 4 June. And, here’s what can you expect from one of the newest venues to open on one of Australia’s oldest working harbours.

Honeysuckle SOCIAL is a place to take in the sights of Newcastle, feast on delicious share plates by the water, enjoy creative cocktails, a crackin’ set of icy cold beer taps and well-executed, fresh and approachable dining.


The Honeysuckle SOCIAL menu is extensive. But don’t be overwhelmed by the options. The cheeky sub-headings will steer you in the right direction. Discover fresh Salmon sashimi, beautiful salads, poke bowl and the barramundi burger. There’s also an impressive seafood tasting plate and a charcuterie board for those looking for lighter share selections and a mouth-watering beef short rib and smoked ham and pecorino croquettes for the meat lovers amongst us. All seriously delicious items. 

#PROTIP: Share a nightcap and dessert The Coconut, Lychee and Passionfruit Mousse perhaps – something fresh and decadent all at the same time…


Honeysuckle SOCIAL is a space for everyone.

A place to grab a bite to eat and a few drinks with friends who want to soak up the best of Newcastle. Meeting the girls for a long lunch? Head straight to lounge seating, peruse the ‘Let’s Get Started’ share menu, order up a round of spritzes – or even a carafe – sit back to soak up the welcoming interiors and friendly atmosphere. 

Families are covered too. With high-chairs and colouring in to keep the kidlets entertained while Mum and Dad share time well spent together and squeeze in a burger and a cold one. And if you’re looking for a venue to host a family gathering or celebration – Honeysuckle SOCIAL offers a myriad of seating options to provide the comfort to enjoy the now and continue with a kick-on.


Honeysuckle SOCIAL clearly wants you to have a good time. To see day (bubbles at lunch), turn into late afternoon (arvo beers and a pizza), into evening (cocktails and a cheese plate). To share the company of others and celebrate the relaxed lifestyle that we enjoy so much here in Newcastle. And you know what helps with that? Great tunes and a great range of drinks!

Think live music and djs on the weekends, special events dotted throughout the social calendar and a thirst quenching selection of wines (by the glass and bottle), craft beers on tap and a cocktail menu focused on flavour.

#PROTIP: The Basically Apfel cocktail will really hit the spot on a sunny day, with a hint of tartness and lemon fresh, the basil brings in a savoury note to get your tastebuds singing. 


Honeysuckle SOCIAL is located at 11 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle.

Phone (02) 4929 7790, email, check out their website at and hit up their Facebook for upcoming events or Instagram to check out the vibe.