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A PSYCHEDELIC WONDERLAND: Valley of a Thousand Plants exhibition hits Lake Mac

A mesmerising garden of giant plants will soon pop up at the Multi-Arts Pavilion, mima, in Lake Macquarie.

The breathtaking 360-degree digital art installation is the work of renowned artist Joel Zika.

Joel’s avant-garde creations have graced festivals from Victoria to the United States, and now he’ll bring a psychedelic forest to life with a work called Valley of a Thousand Plants.

Highlighting the ecological wonders of Lake Macquarie the immersive experience is a tribute to a 2014 ecological study of Dora Creek and its surroundings.

Within the installation, the giant plants take on an otherworldly appearance, responding to the movement of visitors through innovative sensor technology.

“One of the things that technology has always been fantastic at is changing the scale of the world around us,” Zika said.

“In this show, I’ve tried to turn the gallery into a bizarre kind of microscope where you can move around flora that would otherwise make up only a small part of the world around you.

“I’ve taken liberties with every element of nature. Leaves and gum nuts have become golden decorations, while small native fruit glows like neon signs.”

To celebrate the unveiling of Zika’s exhibition, MAP mima is inviting locals to a conversation and cocktailevent with the artist on Saturday, 9th December, from 6-9 pm.

The Valley of a Thousand Plants exhibition at the Multi-Arts Pavilion, mima will run from Saturday, 9 December 2023 until Sunday, 25 February 2024. visit for more information.