VALE MICK ARMITT: Remembering a Newcastle music stalwart

When it comes to stalwarts of the Newcastle music scene, they don’t come more workmanlike than Mick Armitt.

The talented guitarist plied his trade in numerous bands over the last four decades including the likes of Bacchus, Homegrown, The Straights, Mac Band, Two Up and the Skates to name a few.

He was also a part of eighties ‘supergroup’ Flashback which also featured the formidable talents of Flash Sheedy and the Snape brothers – Chris, Mick and Peter.

However, it was perhaps his time with late 70s pop rockers The Globes that Mick will best be remembered for – in particular their brilliant 1981 single The Girl With The Smiling Hair.

The Globes – The Girl With The Smiling Hair (Video from Trevor Dare)

That track gave the band their first taste of radio airplay and eventually made it to number 22 on the 2NX chart and number 14 one the 2KO Chart. 

It also found its way into the Australian national chart in May 1981.

Speaking to Newcastle Live, Heroes guitarist Mark Tinson, who produced The Girl With The Smiling Hair and its B-side Slim Chance, remembered Mick fondly.

“Mick was one of the good ones,” he said. “A great bloke, a really talented guitarist as well as a great singer.”

The band quickly became a fixture on the local music scene with drummer Mark Robinson remembering: “It was the ’80s and we loved every minute of it. We were very fortunate to have a talented songwriter in the band that being the very dry-witted Michael Armitt.”

After playing their final gig at the Palais Royale in 1982, the band, who had cemented themselves as one of the most popular Newcastle bands of the era, went their separate ways, 

That wasn’t the last Newcastle heard of Mick, however with the talented axeman popping up, along with The Globes bandmates Ross Melville and Larry Shone, in the equally popular outfit Radio Ga Ga.

According to Newcastle Bands Database, Mick was a part of Radio Ga Ga until 2004 when they eventually disbanded.

Sadly, Mick passed away last week, but his legacy and contribution to the Newcastle music scene will never be forgotten.

Written by Newcastle Live

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