Vaccine Pass App not ready for Monday’s reopening

Member for Swansea, Yasmin Catley says that she is concerned about the Service NSW vaccine app still being weeks away despite businesses reopening in a matter of days.

“The delay of this app is causing significant anxiety amongst businesses who face fines of $5,000,” Yasmin Catley said.

Ms Catley said that despite the important role QR code check-ins play in the testing, tracing, isolation & quarantine system, the development of this app appears to have not been a priority for the Government.

“This app should have been ready to rollout out from Monday, instead businesses will be waiting weeks with what Minister Ayres calls a transition period, which provides absolutely no certainty for businesses across this state.”

Appearing on Radio National’s breakfast show this morning, Minister Ayres seemed uncertain about the timeline for the app to go live.

“So that’s only a week or a few days away. Ten to 14 days I hope’, he told the ABC’s Patricia Karvelas.