Undies on the outside for 3yr old Kane Ransom

Calling all Super Heroes.  Newcastle hotel, the Crown & Anchor are hosting a very special trivia night this Thursday (Oct 30) to raise funds for 3 year old Kane Ransom, a novocastrian boy that was this year diagnosed with leukemia.

The hotel aren’t asking for cash, but they are asking for business’s to donate some vouchers or items for prizes that they can raffle off on the night.

If you’re business if keen to donate or you know a business that would like to donate, please get in contact with the crew at the Crown & Anchor via their Facebook page.

On Friday 23rd May 2014, Natalie & Brendan were delivered news that no parent should ever have to hear.  Their precious son Kane, 3 yrs old, was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

This was the WORST day of their lives. Within 2hrs of this, Kane was in the John Hunter Hospitals Children’s Oncology Unit to undergo many tests to confirm what form of Leukaemia Kane has. Diagnosis included a lumber puncture and Bone Marrow extraction that caused significant pain to Kane.

Kane has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia or ALL as its known. This form of Leukaemia is usually diagnosed in children and is cancer of the blood. It stops the bone marrow from forming normal blood cells. Natalie and Brendan are fantastic parents and are going to need all of our support over the coming 2 yrs.

Find out more about the event by visiting the Facebook page.

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