T’was the night before a very Newcastle Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the town
Not a reveller was rockin’, there wasn’t a sound,
From Nobby’s Lighthouse shone out a beacon of light,
Sure to keep Santa safe all through his flight.

And Newcastle looked so lovely at night
But shouts from below caused the reindeer a fright
“Hey turn down those sleigh bells over my yard!”
But Santa just chuckled, “Merry Xmas Gerard…”

A last-minute swerve to avoid a collision
Navigating the light rail timetable omission
“Ho Ho ho, where’s the tower that looked like a slug?”
“Don’t be scared Rudolph there’s now a butt…”

The children were fast asleep under a fan
And parents placed presents according to plan
In case their kid’s email didn’t get through
Does the NBN fail at Santa’s place too?

Preparing to land – Santa looked down to see
Skid marks on the road where supercars used to be
“Well, I’d like to stop, Rudolf, but I can’t find a park…”
“Let’s go out to Kotara, stuff this for a Lark..”

Last stop for Santa – the stadium gates
Because one thing he knows it’s never too late
“Brownie is out, the team is a mess”
“But there’s always next year, godspeed and god bless”

Then he sprang to his sleigh – and gave his team a big whistle
And Rudolph took off through the night like a missile,
But I heard him exclaim as they flew out of sight
This town can be great – don’t give up the fight!

Written by Newcastle Live

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