T’was the night before a very Newcastle Christmas – 2020 edition

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the town
Not many creatures were stirring, there’s a pandemic around.
Sanitised stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In the hope, travel restrictions are rolled back in the air.

Our fearless Lord Mayor gathered up all her minions
(On Duncan, on Robbo, on Churchy, on Clausen)
To throw Newy a lifeline despite all the COVID opinions
Their response was swift, their response was not whack
In fact, it was fuller than Santa’s big sack!

Inner-city apartments were buzzing with the wrapping of toys
But no uncouth live music from those rowdy Lass boys!
Because Karen and Norman had moved in next door,
to complain and protest from the twentieth floor.

Despite all of this Newcastle still looked so lovely at night
But shouts from below caused the reindeer a fright
“Hey, Santa old mate, have you passed quarantine?”
Santa yelled back “I’m as clean and serene as that bloke, Ray Dineen”

Preparing to land – Santa looked down to see
Skid marks on the road where supercars used to be
“Don’t worry, old Rudolf, they’ll be back in just a few years”
“Let’s pull up at the Grain Store for a couple of beers.”

Last stop for Santa – better top up his meter,
to check out construction on the Victoria Theatre.
“This place looks alright,” said Satna to Cupid
“Let’s hope it’s not shut down, cause that would be Stupid”.

Then Santa sprang to his sleigh – and gave his team a big whistle
And Rudolph took off through the night like a missile,
But I heard him exclaim as they flew out of sight
This town can be great – don’t give up the fight!