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Top tips to kick start your plastic-free July

It’s here everybody! Everyone’s favourite month and also our chance to do that little bit extra for the planet.

I’ll be the first to admit that partaking in plastic-free July is a challenge, yes, but… it doesn’t have to be. Here are our top five tips, tricks and events which will help you kick start your plastic free July in the right way.

For those playing at home, plastic-free July is all about raising awareness about just how much plastic we are using on a daily and especially weekly basis, and how we can creatively lower our personal footprint. 

1. Be prepared

This is a big one folks. It’s all well and good to say that you’re going to use the green bags at the supermarket, or take your own container to scoop, or whatever else you can come up with, but when the time comes and you’re rushing out the door, sometimes even the best-laid plans go out the window.

Our hot tip is to make up what we call a car kit. One which is full of containers, green bags, stainless steel straws and a spare keep cup. You’re well on your way kid, well on your way. 

2. Think outside the box

Keep cups are of course the hot new trend (get it… hot?) but what do you do if you’re time poor and like to order on the run? Do you contribute to landfill? No! You think outside the box.

Take that amazing little hexagonal cafe on the water at Honeysuckle, they offer Husky Cups which work on an exchange policy system. Or Frother’s espresso who will let you borrow a keep cup if you forgot yours. Stay woke people. Stay woke. 

3. Speaking of woke…

There are a million and one movies you can watch about climate change, and yes look… I know they can sometimes be a little doomsday, but maybe that’s the wakeup call that we actually need.

But the movie 2040 for example, is a beautiful and heartwarming look at what we can do for the plant right now. If you are keen to check out a call to action, plastic free July themed movie, why not head to the Plastic Free July event on the 5th of July hosted by Slow Skin co

4. Speaking of events

Maybe you’re a business owner, and you’re looking at ways to do things a little differently. Ways in which to conduct your business to help not hinder the planet.

No matter what your business, there are always eco-conscious ways to go about it. Looking for inspo? Why not head to Secret Book Stuff on July 10 to hear a bunch of eco-conscious business humans, sharing their success stories?

5. Just do you best

Saving the planet, and even engaging in plastic-free July is not all about doing everything perfectly.

It’s also not about shaming others into trying to do things perfectly either. If millions of people did the whole zero waste thing imperfectly, as opposed to a handful of people doing it perfectly, we’d still be able to be proud of our efforts for this planet that we call home. 

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.