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Top five ways to splash some cash this April

The festive season is tough, the toughest in fact and sometimes it takes us a little while to bounce back, or at least it takes a little while for our wallets to bounce back.

But, as we head into April, here’s hoping that your wallet is a little fatter these days and you’re looking for ways to splash some cash. Here is our top five.

Olive Tree Market

The best thing about finding your mojo with your cash situation is treating yourself to some delicious hand made or locally sourced treats.

I mean, going to the markets is fun any time but it’s even more fun when you’re cashed up and ready to spend your moolah. They Olive Tree markets return to Civic Park the first Saturday of every month.

Civic Theatre

Civic Theatre

Nothing says culture like going to the theatre amirite? It’s not something you can do every week, that’s for sure, but when the time (and your wallet) is right, why not! There are always amazing shows breezing into town and just think, now you can be one of those people who said they went to the theatre on the weekend. And sound cultured and enlightened. Ya dig?


The Falcon

Again, you don’t need cash cash money to go to The Falcon, but it’s one of those places that when you have some cash to burn, you can finally taste all of the delicious options on offer.

Now you don’t have to decide what cocktail to choose because now you can have them all!

Hunter Valley Zoo

Did someone say cute animals? Ah yeah! This is another treat yourself weekend kind of trip and why the bloody hell not?! Because when you’ve got some cash to splash, now you can book in for an animal encounter as well. #worthit

Pamper yourself

Saving the best till last, obviously. Sometimes the last person you want to be nice to, is you. Why not pamper you self to an Indian head massage (I wholeheartedly recommend Lee from Body and Face Thyme). Or go to a day spa, or get a mani-pedi or whatever. Go and do something for you just you.
And remember, you’re pretty awesome just in case you forgot.

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Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.