Top Five Ways To Do Your Bit For the environment in Newcastle

I’m not one to really sit and watch the news. Mostly because it’s a lot about Trump and celebrity gossip and whatever else. But the one thing I do pay attention to is anything to do with the environment. Now I’m not going to get all preachy on you or anything (well, not really) but what are you doing to either help or hinder the environment. Climate change is much more than a hashtag and we are living (and breathing) the effects of our day to day right now, so who knows what will happen to our children’s children. Hopefully, I’m guilting you just enough to get you to think twice about a few things. Not sure where to start? Here are our top five tips to do your bit for the environment about town.

Keep Cup

If you don’t have a keep cup in 2018 what is happening. If you need an incentive (apart from not clogging the world with landfill) most places will give you a discount for bringing your keep cup in with you. Also just an FYI, it doesn’t have to be a fancy keep cup either, it can literally be your mug from home, or a DIY coffee bowl if you want to!

Say no to single-use straws

You really don’t need that straw, trust me, you really don’t. Once you start living straw free (and guilt-free that you’re not killing the dolphins) you’ll wonder why you ever needed straws in the first place. If you do want to wrap your lips (I couldn’t think of a way to make that sentence sound less dirty so I just won’t finish it) local company sprocket and steel have you covered, so you can BYO your own metal straw. Also, many establishments (shout out to the folks at Money Penny) have ditched single-use straws altogether. What a time to be alive.

Say no to plastic bags

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. So maybe it might take 21 trips to the shops but eventually, those reusable bags will be your number one bae. Just say no to using a plastic bag if you’ve only got a few things, or better yet bring your own bag. It’s heaps of fun.


Look Newcastle isn’t exactly the place to take your car anyway. Walk where you need to be in town, or park just that little bit further away and know you’re doing your bit for the ozone layer. It’s also the best time of year to get some fresh air and enjoy the sights and smells that greet your senses as you take a stroll to work. Ps, walking not your thing? The kind folks at Bykko might have you covered on that front.

Shop Locally, live sustainably

The farmer’s markets are alive and well in Newcastle kind people. Go and visit the people who grow the food, love the food, and care about the food. And yes they leave spots on their apples but they also leave the birds and the bees. Also, it’s very, very easy to over budget on food, buy less, live happier, etc.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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