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Top five places to go now school holidays are over

Ok now let’s all sigh together… thank goodness school holidays are over.

I can hear every single parent across the country rejoicing in unison, that much is obvious. But what about the rest of us? I am definitely not the biggest fan of school holidays and it’s mostly because all of the quiet places I love are packed with people day in and day out. Great for businesses of course but awful for introverts.

Here are our top five places to go now that school hols are done and dusted.

1. The movies

This is surely an obvious choice for everyone involved amirite? Going to the movies is meant to be a quiet and relaxing experience. Not somewhere where kids are making out in the back row and throwing popcorn. I want to make out in the back row and throw popcorn in peace, thank you very much.

2. Your favourite cafe

Surely I’m not the only one who likes my coffee without a side of baby-chino? I also love the quiet and cozy atmosphere of a cafe. Especially in the middle of the day. But during holiday time the middle of the day is prime time for kid time and it’s not the quiet and relaxing dining experience you were hoping for.

3. Schnitzel night

Speaking of dining experiences… schnitzel night in holiday time is just far too busy. Far far too busy. I mean, the kids have been home all day, they’re restless, parents are exhausted and who has time to cook?  Which is exactly why schnitzel night at the local is jam packed with kids and a side of tomato sauce. Now holidays are done, you’re on, kid.

4. The centre of town

I might sound old but I swear sometimes the centre of town is just overrun by gangs of youths. Ok fine, that’s an over exaggeration but if you’re wanting to take a stroll or hang out in the park, now that holidays are over, you can do this in peace. #bliss

5. Timezone

Because, hello we’re all kids at heart. And now that holidays are over there are no lines for the games, the good prizes have been restocked, and you can play uninterrupted for hours (and hours). It really is the dream