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Top 5 hangover food locations in Newcastle

Your guide to hangover in Newcastle

I don’t know about you but after a big night out on the town the only thing I want is a big old plate of delicious food. This has varied throughout my life, my choice of what appears on that massive plate of food that is but that comes with age and a refined palate. Where once I would have been satisfied with a simple cheese burger now I need a delicious stack of juicy beef patties tucked between some gourmet brioche buns to satisfy those greasy cravings and I aint mad about it. So here is our list of the best hangover food joints in town.

The Embassy cafe

If you haven’t been here yet a) wot r u doing r u ok and b) you’re missing out. For a measly 8 buck you can get the Embassy special which includes bacon, eggs, chips and bread. Hello hangover cure 101. De-lish


Rascal burger

Ummm have you taken a second to look at their menu lately? Honestly it’s the flipping best and who doesn’t love a burg on a steamy hungover Saturday? Duh. Why not pop in, especially now the city is much more accessible!



Speaking of burgers, why not pair one with some hair of the dawn and barefoot bowls? It will be a dream come true. And I mean you can always kick on amirite?


The Chicken Shop – The Junction

This little place is one of the best kept secrets in town. They also have something for everyone. iI head that some people like to favour the old health kick hangover fix or whatever that is so if you’re that kind of human, you can find something here too. Fresh salads, delicious chicken and chip chip.


Clocktower Cafe

Look you probably haven’t heard about it, but my mate Matt will tell you all about it. It’s a little cafe on Beaumont Street in Hamilton. They serve everything you’d expect from a tradition Did you know clocktower is also available on Uber Eats? Clock Tower is your classic cafe serving up food that is sure to easy your hungover belly. Burgs, chips, the works my friend.


Written by Newcastle Live

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