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BUY LOCAL: Thoughts On The Farmers Markets

“You’re not really going because it’s cheaper, you’re going because it’s better, and maybe if you actually looked after yourself for once”.… My sister to me, Yesterday morning. She is really big on that whole looking after yourself thing. Me? I’m known to eat pasta sauce like soup and be proud of my culinary efforts, although this is probably why I’ve had the flu all weekend. On Sunday morning however, we all dragged our cookies to the farmers markers set to embrace the day and the better people we would soon become, organically of course.

The farmers market for me, or any sort of market for that matter, has usually been about asking myself how many cool records, or vintage denim jackets can I find and convince to come home with me. I’m usually pretty successful in this endeavour but the farmers markets are much less about experience and more about routine and ritual. Everyone else, my sister included, seemed to have this particular ritual down pat. I was oh so totally impressed by the apparatus’ shoppers had managed to put together, to cart home all of their fresh produce. Real farm to plate type stuff. I actually feel healthier by association.

The sun was shining, there was a three piece band which included (but was not limited to) a saxophone, a banjo and a giant double bass, and people were going about their weekend to simply have a weekend. Experiencing something other than the confines of the four walls of their home. There’s something so wonderful about actively choosing to grow local and buy local and support those who need it most. It becomes so much more about the community aspect of the whole experience as opposed to the capitalistic gain of it all. Food for me, is mostly about me at 10pm realising that I haven’t had dinner and I actually can’t survive off coffee alone. But… all of my closest mates are foodies, and I mean real foodies. They cook things, and prepare things, in the hope of not only eating a delicious meal but sharing a delicious meal.

So for this week, personally, I’m thinking about exactly where I buy the food I eat to survive. And not just food, other produce and products too. Buy local, grow local, and support the wonderful people who do.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.