THIS IS PARADISE: Rocking out with the Choirboys at Shoal Bay Country Club

What do you get when you take one of Australia’s most loved pub rock bands, combine it with some of our most picturesque coastlines, throw in a few beers and some friendly hospitality? We decided to find out over the weekend with a short stay at the Shoal Bay Country Club to check out The Choirboys as part of their current 6 Pack tour.

The run of shows has seen the Aussie rockers put a pub rock spin on a selection of Credence Clearwater tracks as well as playing a healthy handful of their most loved hits like Boys Will Be Boys and Run To Paradise.

It’s in your face guitars, four on the floor grooves and it’s not ashamed of it. And why should it be? People have been celebrating to this unique Australian blend we call pub rock for decades now, and if the crowd at Shoal Bay is anything to go by, we’re not stopping anytime soon.

It’s the first time we’ve checked out a gig at the newly renovated country club, and we have to say that we’re impressed with the PA install by A1 audio which is sounding great tonight.

The atmosphere is on point too. Mates are hugging with one arm and toasting half full schooners with the other. When their favourite songs are played they’ve got rock horns in the air singing along at full voice. It’s great to see and it doesn’t take long before we’re joining in.

We duck out for some air at one point and check out the rest of the club’s renovations. The feel reminds us of something you’d expect to see on a 50s cruise ship. The main covered courtyard is dotted with people enjoying cocktails under this huge cabana style construction. People are having catchups and warming up by the big open fire which is surprisingly keeping the place toasty despite the weather outside.

Earlier that night we enjoyed a huge feed of seafood, steak, pizza and ribs in the restaurant overlooking the courtyard. Combined with a few cheeky pre-show cocktails it was the perfect kickstart to our night of AusRock and good times.

By the time the band launches into their AC/DC encore, everyone in the venue is right there with Mark and the band, and as the dust settles we’re glad we’ve only got a very short walk to our room above the Country Club at the neighbouring Ramada Resort.

The apartment overlooks the bay and made for the perfect spot for a nightcap after the show and a jump off point for breakfast at Mermaids the next day before checking out and hitting the road.

We’re looking forward to the next show at Shoal Bay Country Club with Elk Road in partnership with Red Bull on Friday 28th June, and we totally recommend making a mini break out of it.