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Things we’d love to see at polling booths on election day

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Sometimes I feel like all we do is line up at polling booths.

It just seems like every single month we are voting for one politician, policy or another and honestly, I just can’t keep up.

Voting is both a privilege and a hassle. I am of course grateful that here in Australia we have the right to vote, but I also wish the process was a little bit more engaging. Imagine if we treated polling booths like carnivals, or music events, or provided some sort of streamlined process to the whole voting thing? It would be a dream right?

I for one have some ideas and but if we all work together on this, maybe we can make voting feel like Woodstock.

Disclaimer – yes, voting is very serious business but I swear every time we vote someone in, they get booted out a week later so que sera sera.

1. Democracy sausage

I thought this was meant to be a given at every polling booth in the country but apparently it’s actually not. Some polling booths are just… polling booths. These are sad and lonely places and a way to remind us of the fact that we are doing something we have to do. The least we could be provided with is a delicious sauso sanga to keep our stomachs in check whist we wait in line.

2. Electronic voting

Have you seen the amount of paper that is collected after polling day? It’s actually ridiculous and there’s more waste than what’s on the ground at Maitland Showground after Groovin the Moo. Why not have electronic polling booths? We have those nifty scanners outside of nightclubs surely we can combine some technology here right?

3. Bands

Why not give some local talent a whole new platform? Voting takes time and patience – because of all the waiting obviously. Why not pay a muso to keep the masses entertained for a few hours whilst we all wait. It would certainly make for a better experience!

4. A rescue dog petting station

Seriously though. Is there anything else better than seeing a bunch of puppies? Better yet a bunch of super kewl doggos that all need homes? I’m just trying to appeal to the masses here folks. Two birds and that sort of thing. You go, you vote, you adopt a dog. Simple.

5. A Prime Minister we vote for who actually sticks

Yeah, this would be nice, wouldn’t it? But that might be a bit of a stretch I think.