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The Rogue Scholar and its unapologetically unconventional approach to beer and music

In 2019 brewer Adam Hardy, along with some close friends, started work on a venue in Union Street that would ultimately become The Rogue Scholar.

Adam had been selling his craft beers to pubs around Newcastle since 2016, but the dream of owning his own brewpub became a reality in 2020 after renovations to the building had been completed.

Since its opening, The Rogue Scholar has been unapologetically unconventional in its approach. The team prides itself on being a venue that is safe and respectful and offers people a unique experience week after week. They strive to provide a space where all people feel welcome and where ‘customers’ soon become ‘Rocals’ (Rogue Locals).

The Rogue Scholar

From the high-quality ales, the one-of-a-kind rooftop bar to the strong music community it has fostered inside its four walls, the experience of The Rogue is like none other in the city.

“Beer is the heart and music is the soul of the Rogue Scholar,” Adam said.

“We genuinely want people from all walks of life to have a great time, whether that’s sipping a beer or a cocktail whilst having a chat to our staff in the front bar, or listening to live tunes in the purpose-built band room out the back.”

The band room has quickly become a home away from home for the local music community and those travelling through the city. In fact, The Rogue Scholar has an unwavering commitment to supporting local artists and performers with live music on stage every day and an Open Mic night for up-and-comers on Thursday nights.

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This commitment to the local music community is something the team at Rogue Scholar also took seriously during two lockdowns. Each week, when there were no gigs for local musos to play, the venue hosted a series of online virtual shows, with all proceeds from donations going directly to the artists who performed.

Since then, the venue has gone from strength to strength by enhancing the space, creating a rooftop bar for special events and private functions and opening the Brewer’s Laneway out the back.

Despite the biggest challenge the hospitality industry has faced over the past few years, The Rogue Scholar has managed to carve out their space in the small bar scene in Newcastle, and in the hearts of everyone who enters.

The Rogue Scholar is open from Thursday to Sunday. You can find out more about their delicious beers and check out the gig guide by visiting