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The Old Switcheroo is alive and well online

I’ll say one thing for Facebook, it’s an excellent way to make sure that people across the globe are keeping up with the news of the day.

I’ll say another thing for Facebook though, it’s given the world a platform to not only voice their opinion but ensure that their opinion is the loudest voice in all the world.

It’s not just Facebook (I mean look at Mr. Trump and his troubles with Twitter) so when something like the recent tragedy of Notre Dame happens, there are certain folk who choose to seize on the public focus and opinion and direct to whatever issue it is that is most important to them.

A prime example of this, has been the tragic destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Every single headline I read over the weeks surrounding the fire were something like “sure the Notre Dame is a tragedy but…” or “what’s the real tragedy here”.

Because the thing is, the Notre Dame is a real tragedy an absolutely devastating one at that. But see, for a small portion of the population, it was simply a chance to “raise awareness” or in other terms, make us all feel as though we were missing the real tragedy of the day and all just ignorant humans and how dare we etc etc etc.  

When one tragedy takes centre stage, it isn’t the time for you to compare and contrast and attack people for the way they choose to react to said tragedy. As humans, we’re really just trying out best here. Let us grieve and feel and be in our own way.

I’m not trying to pit one tragedy against the other either, you can’t measure tragedy like that because honestly it’s all relative. I mean sure, thankfully no one was hurt or injured during the blaze so if you want to make like that doctor in The Hangover then you can perhaps scale the whole thing that way but why on earth would you want to?

Using one tragedy to bring about awareness of another surely isn’t the best way to go about things. It just sounds like some sort of messed up competition whereby we as humans are competing for sadness.

It’s like when someone at work is telling a horrible story about something that has caused their life to be thrown in upheaval and someone else steps up to the water cooler and says yeah but how bad is it really? And then goes on to list every other horrific thing that’s going on in the world.

So just for a red hot minute. Can we just… not?