The Judge will return to Stagwiz in July!

It was with a heavy heart that Newcastle Live took their seats at Tuesday’s Stagwiz trivia night at The Stag & Hunter Hotel in Mayfield. We had gathered with over 60 odd others to say goodbye to Stagwiz host, The Judge as he bid farewell before moving on to preside over a new jurisdiction.

Kicking off with a cracking first round, The Judge took to the stage for a rendition of Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand with questions about the song and the artist displayed on the big screen. It was a brilliant and original way to deliver a round of trivia and reminded us why we love The Judge so much.

Another 5 rounds of quirky trivia followed including one round dedicated solely to TV’s smash hit, Game Of Thrones. As we neared the end of the night and readied ourselves for goodbyes, the Judge made the approach for his final word. And then it happened. The announcement we’d all hoped for… The Judge would return to The Stag and Hunter in July to continue delivering the weekly trivia event we’ve come to love so much.

So if you haven’t been into The Stag for their Tuesday Trivia to see what all the fuss is about, mark July 7 in your diary for it’s return.

Written by Swamphouse

At 16 years old, on a balmy May Friday night way back in 1975. I rolled up to the Forestville Youth Centre (The Forrie Bop) tickets were a couple of dollars and the band on the night included the likes of Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Paul Matters and Phil Rudd, yes ‘ACDC’ all for $2.00, can you believe that.

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