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The freshness comes thick and fast at New Shanghai

Pictures: Ellen Starrett

If you are a fan of Asian cuisine (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) chances are you have darkened the doors of New Shanghai.

The popular eatery at Charlestown Square has long been whetting the region’s appetite for delicious dumplings and all manner of delectable Asian fare.

To make things even more appealing, New Shanghai has just launched their Fast Feast menu – a bill of fare that offers up what is essentially a ‘greatest hits’ of the wider menu.

We at Newcastle Live were lucky enough to sample this menu for lunch on Wednesday and the consensus was this was an all-killer-no-filler meal.

Given the menu is called Fast Feast, you would expect pretty speedy service. Well, you can rest easy as, during our dining experience, dishes were coming at a rate of knots. There was a seemingly endless procession of friendly and helpful waitstaff bringing an eclectic mix of dishes to our table.

So, what about the food?

Well, if you have been to New Shanghai before, you’d know that quality is king – an axiom that has not been compromised with this menu.

One of the biggest standouts for this writer was the selection of dumplings presented to us – a heady mix of lamb and leek, beef and coriander as well as pork pot stickers.

Each bite sized morsel was cooked gorgeously with the simple fillings striking a perfect balance of flavours. Dumplings have become quite de rigueur in Newcastle of late and New Shanghai’s examples are some of the best on the scene.

Another definite highlight was the super fresh plate of wok-fried Asian greens which added an extra element of awesomeness to each individual dish and the lunch as a whole.

While this writer is not normally a fan of tofu, the spicy and invigorating Mapo tofu may very well change that.

This dish, from China’s Sichuan province, was an absolute delight. And while hot, the spice never threatened to overpower the dish as a whole.

One dish that generated a great deal of chatter around the table was the absolute juggernaut of classic Asian fare – sweet and sour pork.

Again, perfectly cooked this dish, too was a perfect marriage of flavours with the sweet and sour notes working in perfect harmony, never competing for centre stage.

With our appetites satiated, we left the eatery with happy hearts and happy bellies, bouyed by the delicious fare we just experienced. A repeat visit is definitely in order.

New Shanghai is located in the South Piazza, Level One at Charlestown Square, Pearson Street Charlestown.

Fast Feast menu

Written by Newcastle Live

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