The five types of people who shop at Harris Farm

There are a group of people who live to shop at Harris Farm. Laura is one of them…

It’s finally happened. Newcastle’s inner city finally has a fresh alternative to Marketown to buy our wares – Harris Farm. But it hasn’t arrived without controversy. With the arrival the Glendale store folded quicker than I can knock over a tower of oranges on a busy Sunday morning. People were outraged, angry, and bottlenecked at the car park/demanding to be shuttled home but there are a select group of people who love to shop at Harris Farm. Actually, there are a group of people who live to shop at Harris Farm, myself included. And here is the rundown.

The confused Baby Boomer

This is my favourite type of Harris Farm shopper. Where’s the…? What the bloody hell… huh? Darl why are we even here I haven’t even had my coffee yet. All these people buying groceries. Don’t they have that app whatdoyacallit oobah or something. This string of sentences or outcries more accurately, usually come from the unsuspecting husband lost and abandoned somewhere near the smelly cheese wall. They have no idea what they are doing here and miss the hits they’re used to hearing through Coles radio on a Sunday morning.

The hipster

Getting the best produce is important. Really important you know. This milk came from just one cow, it’s a company that just employs one cow that’s amazing. Ah yes, the hipster. Is that even a thing in 2018? I’m not quite sure but for the purpose of this article, they are a thing. The Hipster shops at Harris Farm just to shop at Harris Farm. Yes, it’s a chain store, but it’s the latest thing, but also not the latest thing, because the latest thing is not buying groceries at all and eating dirt but hey, this is the next best thing… right? (Also you pull the rope to receive a freshly baked loaf of bread, is there anything more hipster than that?).

The eco-warrior

Hi, it’s me. Yes. This is exactly why I shop here. Yes, hi, I’m Laura and I love Harris Farm. There are so many eco alternatives on offer when shopping here and I am so so thankful. Bulk produce available that you can place in paper bags and ditch the plastic for good. You can also buy milk in glass bottles, buy imperfect picks that would have otherwise been tossed into landfill. My freezer is full of tiny bundles of strawberries and blueberries, all smoothie ready (#blessed) which were almost thrown away. Winning.

The bulk buy queen

Harris Farm is the perfect place for you to bulk buy those items you’ve been lusting after. Trays of fruit ripe and ready? Check. Soup in a jar? Check. Butcher? Check. Delicious veggies ready for you to prepare a month’s worth of meals for you and your small family? Check. Bulk buying food is all about preparedness and how great a time is that knowing that you’re set for the week, month, a year even (but don’t get too hectic and all doomsday on everyone ok?).

The blogger

Can we rehash here? The whole store is 1000% bloggable and loveable. Did I mention the bread? It’s just a happy place, in fact, it is my happy place and if I could live here I would. Everything is just set up to be photographed, experienced, have a coffee, enjoy life a little more you know. Taste the good stuff. Treat yourself. And a bunch of other buzzwords that bloggers use. Duh.

Written by Newcastle Live

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