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The Drop: Fashion shines through poncho chic

Last Saturday saw weather conditions that define the word miserable; grey clouds and pouring rain. However, that did not stop the 3000+ people who attended The Drop Festival at King Edward Park, enjoying the sounds of Hockey Dad, Ball Park Music and Angus and Julia Stone.

Looking around you see colourful ponchos at every corner of the park and lots of muddy shoes but the young people of Newcastle pushed these worries to the back of their mind, and made the most of the unique experience.

Each performance of the afternoon and night had growing crowds of live music lovers appreciating some of their favourite artists. Despite the ponchos, so many people still made the effort to have their festival outfits shine through, while others decided to keep it casual, warm and safe from the elements.
As the pictures show, gloomy conditions didn’t stop anyone! It is said that ponchos around Newcastle went out of stock, with The Drop organisers even supplying ponchos for free. (first in best dressed, of course!) It is clear to say that the biggest fashion trend at this festival wasn’t clothing from Arnhem or Spell, or even Roc Boots… It was raincoats and ponchos.

Pictured below, University students Lucy Fry and Jaymes Dibley rugged up with their windbreaker raincoats paired with jeans and long pants. While Lucy’s Dr. Martins will be able to recover from the mud quite easily, Jaymes’ Converse might be a little more testing. These two really promoted the fact that when bad weather is calling, it’s sometime much smarter to dress down rather than dress up.

Luke Jones, 21 (below) is a prime example of dressing up for the occasion. With his on-trend button-up and vintage corduroy jacket he was dressed to impressed and happy to be there! Unlike the majority of people at the festival, there was no poncho or raincoat anywhere to be seen on Luke! As he chose to “embrace the weather” rather than letting it dampen his day. Optimism such as his is one of the reason why the festival (bar the slippery mud,) ran so smoothly.

Ask anyone who attended ‘The Drop’ and they will agree that the best fashion statement of the evening was by the groovy techno band Client Liaison. The four-piece surprised fans as they came out wearing dramatic ’70s outfits in orange and white. The styles mirrored a blend of the Bee Gees and Prince with over the top shoulders, vests, latex pants and fringe galore! The outfits really brought the mood up as it was something different and unexpected, yet completely amazing all at the same time. The lead singer, Monte Morgan even had a costume change mid way through, where he popped out his 70’s shirt and vest for a sheer green gown and dramatic silver earrings.
Seeing these men push boundaries and be creative was so refreshing to see, as it definitely allowed some blue sky to shine through.

Saturday’s weather could have impacted festival fashion in a negative way, yet I think it has just shown us the resilience of the people who attended. A hot tip I picked up was to wear a clear poncho, if you really want to let your outfit underneath stand out!

While it is clear a beautiful sunny day would have been great for our usual festival trends, I think it was even better seeing people not worry so much about how perfect they looked- rather they wore smiles on their faces as their shoes covered themselves in mud. Festivals are one of the best occasions for fashion experimentation and creativity, and I think Newcastle really proved themselves last weekend. Dressing smarter and safer for conditions like this is key to enjoying yourself and having the best live music experience possible.


Georgia-Lee Bailey is a 19-year-old fashion student at the Hunter Institute of Fashion and owner of boutique Groove The Label.

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