The Definitive Guide to The Dockyard’s Cocktails

Since the Newcastle Live community voted The Dockyard as the purveyors of Newcastle’s best cocktails, we thought it was our duty to head on down and see what everyone is raving about – all in the name of (delicious) “research”, of course!


In the last year, The Dockyard have made over a whopping 16,000 cocktails – So, it’s no secret that Newcastle loves a cocktail (or five) from these guys.


The Dockyard’s chief of cocktails and self-proclaimed “bartist“, Shane, takes to cocktail experimentation with a creative flair, finding inspiration in sometimes the most unlikely places, and embracing the challenge to create a cocktail out of any flavour he comes across.

We were lucky enough hang out with Shane and his dynamo cocktail protégé, Ned, to sample some of their finest cocktail creations and put together our definitive list of Dockyard cocktails you need in your life!



Kiss Me Katut

Shane’s No# 1 seller, his trusty side-kick which has travelled with him to every bar he’s worked at since its birth. You know when you daydream about lazing on a tropical island somewhere? Well, this is the cocktail you have in your hand. Fruity, fun, and to quote its classic AAMI commercial namesake, “like a sunrise”. Shane is gunning for this baby to become the next Midori Splice.



Tequila Mockingbird

A new twist on tequila, with the depth of 1800 dark agave and a fresh sour punch of pear liqueur.



French Toast

Holy. Wow. This delicious work of art is something Heston Blumenthal would be proud of. A hungover breakfast at 3 Monkeys cafe served as the inspiration, and Shane manages to get all the flavours of maple, buttery toast and bacon into one very moreish drink. Oh, and did we mention it involves housemade bacon-infused vodka? AND it’s garnished with candied bacon?! Bacon lovers everywhere will weep over this thing of beauty…



Sherbert Showers

Ned’s signature cocktail. Inspired by his sister, who is a lover of Grape Hubba Bubba and all things sour, Ned created this drink for her while she was ill in hospital. The drink itself is just about as sweet as the story behind it, but get ready for the sour hit! This is the kind of sour that makes your cheeks pinch and mouth water just thinking about it.



Machiatto Martini

Not to be mistaken with your average Espresso Martini, this has a richer flavour with Café Patron and brown sugar giving it depth, Frangelico to add a hazelnut hit, and Baileys to add a smooth and creamy mouthfeel without being too sweet. Perfect for after-dinner… Or before dinner… Or hell, who am I kidding, I’d even have this with breakfast!



Marilyn Monroe

This is The Dockyard’s take on the classic Margarita. In Shane’s words, this drink is just like Marilyn herself, “Super white, super smooth, super elegant”. And what makes it so smooth? The secret lies in the addition of an egg white. And egg whites are good for you. So, this is basically a health drink.



Crème Brulee

Ahh, the pièce de résistance of Dockyard cocktails, a liquid dessert unlike any other. A base of pineapple, passionfruit and vanilla bean is shaken to create a thick layer of froth which is topped with sugar, then – yep, you guessed it – brûléed until a hard toffee layer forms. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as that first ‘crack’ when you hit the top…



Golden Gaytime

The name says it all, this is a Golden Gaytime. An irresistible silky-smooth blend of housemade caramel, malt, butterscotch syrup, vanilla bean liqueur and cream. You almost have to stop yourself from taking a huge bite out of the glass that is rimmed with chocolate sauce and crushed nuts. Droooool.



‘Sticky Your Own Date’ Martini

What’s a cocktail list without a few cheeky names and some unabashed innuendos? Cocktails are meant to be fun, and when a syringe filled with butterscotch syrup turns up on top, then you know you’re in for a good time. Garnished with a piece of housemade sticky-date cake, don’t let this multi-faceted drink confuse you. There are no rules how you attack this bad boy, just go with what feels right and dig in!




The guys at The Dockyard love to drop a good pop culture reference, and much like this cocktail’s namesake from Breaking Bad, Heisenberg is one badass beverage. The acid blue colour makes you feel like this drink can’t be good for you, but its addictively refreshing taste will keep you coming back for another hit.



Top Marks

A sip of this cocktail is like a bite of a boozy Christmas fruitcake. Makers Mark packs a nice whisky punch, while Cassis and muddled blueberries bring a deep fruity flavour. But, there’s one little finishing touch that makes this drink really stand out – Shane squeezes the oil from the orange peel and lights it on fire, creating not just a fancy spectacle, but leaving a rich burnt orange aroma that floats over the top of the drink as you sip.


Aside from being the tastiest research we’ve ever carried out, we were blown away by the huge level of thought and experimentation that goes into each of their cocktails. It’s no wonder these guys are the cocktail kings.


Shane and Ned are currently in the process of putting their cocktail-creation-caps on and are set to bring out a new menu this Spring, which will see their 32 house-made cocktail list extend up to 45 unique cocktails… Feeling thirsty yet?


Written by Brittany Herron