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The Chats release a goon box and we’re here for it

Australian punk rock band, The Chats have made the dreams of silver pillow fans come true.

The Chats Goon box featuring artwork by Campbell Walker, AKA Struthless is on sale now and we just can’t wait to get hang one off our clothesline.

Delinquente Wine Co, the producers of the good stuff inside the bladder, say the glorious white wine is made from “all-natural, happy grapes” that have been “chucked together, fermented wild and bugger all other stuff added except for a bit of sulfur just to Keep the Grubs Out”.

The release is a collaboration with Crowbar who have, in the past, teamed up on similar releases with Aussie acts like WAAX, Northlane and Josh Pyke.

You can pick up a box or two from the Built To Spill website and it’s also available in a Goon & Tea Towel bundle. Two bottles in one glorious box, it is such good value you won’t even have to Dine n Dash. Beauty.