THE BEST OF IN BED WITH TIMBERLINA: The raunchiest questions of the year answered

This year we’ve been working with the amazing Timberlina and Flirt Adult Store to answer all your curly sex and relationship questions.

As the year comes to an end, we thought we’d look back and delve into the archives to showcase some of the raunchiest questions you’ve asked our monthly columnist.

So get set, this is the best of In Bed With Timberlina 2021.

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I’m a straight girl but I really like looking at lesbian porn. Am I weird? Does that make me secretly queer?

Not weird at all! Choosing the porn you watch doesn’t make you any less of how you identify, it just makes you know what you like. Maybe you watch it because they know what they are doing and you want that to happen to you.

When you are next with a guy maybe take control, and guide them into how you want it. BUT the key point here is you are not weird, you are amazing and keep watching that lesbian porn if it gets you going!!!!!!!

Also, straight porn really has a focus on male pleasure as it’s typically geared toward men (which it shouldn’t be), whereas lesbian porn focuses on female pleasure – this could be a big factor in your preferences!


My boyfriend just expressed interest in having a threesome with me and my best friend. I’m not necessarily opposed to it but feeling a little weirded out that it may affect my relationship with my bestie, Help!

This month’s questions all come back to have a conversation – I’ll say it again – honesty is key! I think you should organise a girly night out with your bestie, have some cocktails and make a joke about it “you would never guess what Tom [or whatever your beau’s name is] said, etc. etc.” and see what she says? You will be able to get the feeling right then and there, you need to involve the third person in the decision making.


I find myself fantasising about a work colleague OFTEN even though I’m happily married and can’t really see myself acting out these fantasies. Am I a bad hubby?

I mean who hasn’t fantasised over another work colleague? I don’t think it’s harmful, as long as it’s just you are only fantasising over them and you are absolutely sure that you are not actually attempting to do anything!

I see it just like something fantasising over a celebrity.


I want to try sex toys, but I’m worried my partner will feel inadequate.

Wanting to try sex toys is TOTALLY natural and definitely nothing to be ashamed about.

However, it might be a good idea to have a little chat with your partner, telling them that you’re keen to explore using sex toys and include them on that journey with you. Maybe they want to try some, too?

The more sex toys the better hey!


Sex outdoors… We want to try it, but I don’t want to get caught. Any suggestions of some local places around town?

Glenrock? There is soooo much bushland up there! I would go deep and have a look around.

That’s all I have for this question, but if you find a spot let me know!!

It’s been a big year!

I look forward to answering more of your questions in 2022. You can send them to me on Instagram or email

Glittery Love,