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TOP THIS: The Bavarian wages war on your diet with OTT schnitzels, sausages, burgers and wings

If a trip to The Bavarian in Charlestown wasn’t indulgent enough for you already, then hold onto your hat.

The German-inspired dining experience has just unveiled some pretty outrageous OTT (over the top) makeovers of their schnitzels, sausages, burgers and chicken wings.

One of the OTT additions, The Matterhorn (pictured above), is a schnitzel mountain with cheese spätzle, three layers of Alpen cheese and bacon. Because… Bacon.

It’s just one of three iconic Bavarian schnitzels to get the OTT treatment including the Godfather with ham, cheese, Kielbasa and Napoli sauce and the Big Boy Oi, Oi, Oi that’s stacked with BBQ wings, bacon and egg.

You can even dial up the excessiveness with add-ons including spätzle, pork ribs and maple and a bacon waffle.


The OTT Burger includes an Angus beef patty, chicken schnitzel and pork belly layered with tomato, lettuce, and Swiss cheese, drizzled with sauce, in between a bun.

OTT Wings can be ordered in four super-sizes from a half kilogram right up to a five kilogram serve. Those brave enough to order the five kilograms will get their mound of food delivered with sparklers and a ringing bell.

And just to drive the point home, the humble German sausage can also get the OTT treatment boosted in size, heat, or a combination of both.

All this over the top madness is in celebration of a relaunch of the full Bavarian restaurant menu on Monday 20th June which promises bigger, bolder Bavarian flavours. To find out more visit