Picture: Gonzo Vino/Facebook

THAT’S A BIT FANCY: Victorian wine slingers Gonzo Vino are doing $60 goon sacks!

Fans of cask wine rejoice!! No longer do you have to suffer the slings and arrows cast at you from your bottle-loving bretheren.

That’s because Victorian-based winery Gonzo Vino has dropped a line of luxury three-litre casks just in time for Christmas.

While the very mention of the term ‘cask wine’ tends to conjure up scenes of people gingerly quaffing their Fruity Lexia protesting that it’s not that bad after the third glass, Gonzo Vino is putting paid to that stereotype with a cask Shiraz and Riesling, both dubbed ‘Welcome To Adulthood,’ and both coming in at the very un-goonlike price of $60

Both varieties use grapes sourced from the Bendigo region, are totally vegan, and apparently stay fresh and completely drinkable for six weeks after opening.

Picture: Gonzo Vino/Facebook

Gonzo Vino describes itself as a “tongue-in-cheek take on the Australian wine landscape,” and that’s something definitely reflected in the tasting notes for these casks.

The 2020 Riesling is described as “a wine of ripping character, brightness, and lashings of Froot-Loops,” while the Shiraz is touted as being “full throttle, full-on and ready to party,” but at the same time possessing a “gentle, caring side for when you drink too much and your regrets seep in around 11am.”

Can totally relate!

The Welcome To Adulthood Shiraz and Riesling three-litre casks are available now. Head here for more info and to grab yours.