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Text For A Toastie in Newcastle

This is the exact sign I saw whilst strolling through the Newcastle University Callaghan campus. I mean, I love a toastie, (especially these top five toasties) and I’d do almost anything for a free one (almost), but even this is pushing it a bit too far.

I don’t know what your thoughts on the matter are, but the words that tumbled from my mouth were; is nothing sacred anymore? And before I go any further, my complaints or grievances have nothing to do with a specific religion or set of beliefs and I have no intention of revealing mine in this article, what I am about to talk about is; where is the line. I know we’re all probably going through a crisis of faith at the moment, (some religions more than others although I heard the Jedi’s are growing by the minute thanks to all of their box office coverage) but this is a bit much surely.

I stared at the poster for a long time, and thought, as writers do, exactly how the scenario would play out. Was it worth it to hear about something I wasn’t ready to listen to, just for a free sandwich? What would I have to do to qualify for the free sandwich? How long would the conversation be? And most importantly, what would the condiments be like? But what really sent my mind ticket is the question of gimmick versus faith and spirituality. Are we as a society now so caught up in what we can get from something or someone in return for our time and attention that we need to be bribed in order to do so? Are we losing touch and forgetting what it means to have a little faith? And is it really faith if we have to be bribed and tricked into believing it’s perhaps something that it’s not.

I will say one thing, their target market is on point. Students are often starving (regardless of whether they are artists or not) and would probably dance on their head for half a chance at a hot meal, but does this make it right? Just some words for thought, or more accurately food for thought I guess.

Have you texted for a toastie? Would you text for a toastie? And did the new Star Wars franchise influence your decision to become a Jedi? (Asking for a friend).