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STILL STYLIN’ UP: The passion is as bright as ever for Christine Anu

After a career spanning 30 years, there is still nowhere legendary indigenous performer Christine Anu would rather be than on stage.

“It’s just a home for me,” Christine told Newcastle Live.

“I can’t even say it’s my second home it is my home. It’s where I am my most confident self I feel I am my truest me on stage. It’s where everything I know that is second nature to me comes alive.”

And when it comes to stages, Lizotte’s, where Christine will perform this week, is always pretty high on the agenda.

“Its always a great excuse to be coming to Newcastle with the venues few and far between these days between Sydney and Newcastle,” she said.

“It’s just really nice that we’ve got somewhere like Lizotte’s to come to. It’s one of my favourite venues because of the whole cabaret experience. it’s a beautiful room.”

Check out Christine Anu performing Coz I’m Free with guitarist Raymund Shek below

Continuing, Christine exclaimed: “Oh my gosh, and the menu! To die for

This time around, Christine will be reflecting on her long and storied career with a setlist that runs the gamut – from her breakthrough debut 1995 album Stylin Up (which featured her now-legendary version of the Warumpi Band’s My Island Home to her later explorations of the songbook of Aretha Franklin.

“On the setlist, I’ll be doing all of the regular well-known songs from over the years including THAT SONG [My Island Home], and a lot of the songs that have heavy language elements in them from my first album like Wanem Time and Kulba Yaday which was the first language song I wrote.

Christine added the Aretha tracks (coming from her 2012 album Rewind: The Aretha Franklin Songbook) give her quite the workout.

“Honestly to do Aretha songs it’s like a masterclass in singing. she really helped with my musicality and it’s also quite demanding physically.”

She added that the show would also give a rare insight into her career with stories from life on the stage.

“I’m also looking forward to sharing the stories behind my music – stories some may not know about my life, my music, and my work,” she said.

Since bursting on the scene with Stylin Up back in 1995, Christine has become one of this country’s most respected performers.

So how do tags like legend and icon sit with the hitmaker?

“I don’t think about it,” she said.

“I am so privileged, I’m so blessed and I feel so honoured to be able to be around still and gigging.

“If you would have met me when I was 12 and said: “singing is going to be how you make a living,” I would have laughed. You know that old saying: “get a haircut and get a real job, I thought I would be in with that album and then out working at Woolies or something. That’s not a bad gig, though.”

Catch Christine Anu at Lizotte’s on Friday 20 July.

Written by Stephen Bisset

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