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STAY ON THE SCENE: Top five reasons to check out a band this weekend

We Novocastrians love our live music.

In many ways some of us live for it. Although it does seem to take a fair bit of convincing to get us out of the house and into places with stages.

So, while thre are literally plenty more, here are our top five reasons to go and check out a band this weekend.  

1. It’s October, it’s time to leave the house

Despite the weather everyone, it really (really) is time. And what better excuse than heading out and about to go and see a band do their thing?

You’ll have a great time, have a sip or two and be entertained. It’s a win all round.

2. Talent people… talent

Is there really a better way to spend your time, than by watching someone do something they are incredibly good at?

Newcastle is full of amazing musos and pretty much every night of the week you can catch them doing their thing.

Go on, we dare ya, go and be impressed. 

3. Because you’ve already wasted too much of your life watching The Masked Singer

Why this show is a) even a thing and b) a huge massive flipping deal is beyond words.

If you’ve spent (or wasted…whatever) any of your time watching this show, you can haul your butt out the door and go and watch a local artist earn their crust.

But seriously though, why the show?

4. Because it’s your friend’s band, and you care about your friend, and you’re a good friend

If your friend is in a band, go and watch their show. It’s what being friends with a muso is all about.

Support them, tell them their show was the best damn thing you’ve ever seen, buy them a beer and just be a good human. They will appreciate you and your gesture more than they can probably articulate.

Good on you for being such a good friend.

5. Because it’s very (very) Novocastrian

As we said, live music is what Newcastle is really all about (despite what the Supercars signs say).

If you consider yourself a Novocastrian in any way, shape, or form go and catch some live music this weekend. If you’re a tourist, this is your chance to really live like a local and immerse yourself in the experience. You won’t regret it. We promise.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.